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About Delaware Rife & Pistol Club

Delaware Rifle & Pistol Club first became affiliated with the NRA on March 20th, 1947.  The Initial range was first located in the upstairs of a building on the Hagley property. The B&O Lane Club house was built in 1950???.  TheClub initially focused on competitive small bore rifle shooting, however over the years, interest in pistol shooting has grown significantly, and is now the dominant focus of the Club.  Current Club President Jim Bowman will provide a history of the Club at some point in the future.

We are a 50ft. indoor range with specific caliber requirements (click the "Documents tab for further info.) dedicated to the shooting sports. Our members have 24/7 access and gun safety handling practices are paramount! 

Regular Shooting Events:

Regular shooting events are officially-sponsored club activities that are essentially held on a weekly basis. At present, there are two such events, including:

Nominal fees are charged for participation in these events.  For more information, click on the event of interest.

Special Shooting Events: 

Special shooting events are officially-sponsored club activities that are held on a periodic basis, typically being held once per month.  Most events are held between September and May, with few scheduled for the summer months of June, July and August.  There are three categories of Special Shooting Events, as described below.  Club events are generally open to the public.

Fun Shoot   A shooting activity intended solely for having a blast, (literally); with lots of targets to break and no competitive pressure.  A nominal fee is charged to participate.

Competition Shoot   A shooting activity involving some specific marksmanship skill(s), with score being kept to determine a winner or winners.  Prizes (e.g., medals, trophies or gift certificates) are awarded for events considered to be “Club Championships.”  A nominal fee is charged to participate.

Instructional/Outreach Event   A shooting activity designed to provide instruction or demonstration of some aspect of the shooting sports, usually with an objective of reaching out to new adult and junior shooters.

Ladies Night   Ladies, are you interested in learning how to shoot and practicing your shooting skills with other women? DRPC offers Ladies Night every 4 to 6 weeks or so and usually on a Thursday evening. Past classes have been a combination of classroom discussions, instruction, and shooting. If you have an interest in learning more about Ladies Night, email Barb Boyce at or call her at 302-743-6336.

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